Saturday, October 3, 2009

Zen and the Art of Putting One Foot in Front of the Other

I seem to find myself in one of those mad months when everything is happening at once. My mind is whirling with all the "things to do". I have to stop and force myself to just do one thing at a time.
Today I have been doing the final preparation for Alana's ballet eisteddfod. This has involved doing things that I have absolutely no natural talent for, but I just have to do them because I'm her Mum, and who else is going to them?
  1. Glue individual lash extensions to Alana's eyelashes. Yes, you read that right! Eleven year old girls who compete in ballet eisteddfods do so in full makeup, including false eyelashes.
  2. Sew ribbons on Alana's ballet shoes - with dental floss! Apparently, the wax on the floss makes it easier when sewing, as the floss glides easily through the ballet slipper. Then, when you're done, the warmth of the foot inside the shoe warms and softens the wax so that the ribbons stay sewn on tight. What will they think of next!
  3. Spray paint Alana's ballet shoes to bring back that "brand new pink".

Please don't let me get started on the costumes, hair-do's, music CD's etc that I will be wrangling tomorrow and Monday. I might accidently start to whinge!

Yesterday was the last day of school for the term, I now have the kids at home with me for the next two weeks. Along with Alana's eisteddfod, Josh has a gymnastics competition, Chris and I are attending a nephew's wedding, and we're getting together with some friends that I went to school with and their families for a BBQ. My parents are having a week at a caravan park with a fantastic swimming pool not far from here (great for the kids!), what a pity the forecast is for rain all week! Josh already has one sleepover organised, I have to make time to get together with a friend of mine who I haven't seen for weeks, and I promised Alana that I'd take her and some friends shopping.

And did I mention that I have two more uni assignments due within the next three weeks!!!

One day at a time. One step at a time. One foot in front of the other.

Attitude of gratitude.

Accentuate the positive.



Easy to be said, so hard to be put into practice. But let's try to be positive, the two of us. I often manage to spoil my weekends trying to do so many things I couldn't during the week. Wrong, completely wrong. We deserve much more and better than hurrying after the huge quantity of our tasks!!! Try to stick to what you've written and try to find some (little?) good spare time for yourself, Fiona!

Witch Baby said...

I knew that full make up was needed (cause I had to do my adopted neices for her recital - try putting a bob in a bun. LOL) however, thank you for the tip about the ribbons & the slippers. Next time I have to stitch them up, I'll use dental floss. Excellant tip to have.

Wow - you got alot going on, but it sounds like FUN. I'm so jealous of the time spent with the kids and family. LOL. Keep up a positive attitude and know that you are making wonderful memories.

Nina said...

I know exactly how you feel!

Fiona said...

Thanks for the encouragement everyone! Always muc appreciated.