Monday, November 30, 2009

I am feeling a little bit tired - I had a busy weekend.

Firstly, at the moment it's all about the ballet concert. Every year at this time things get a little manic as we are thrown into a whirlwind of extra rehearsals, costumes, ticket-buying and photos. This year Alana's ballet class is doing Swan Lake - hence the photo above. THIS IS NOT HER, but her costume is fairly similar, and they have learnt the actual choreography of the traditional ballet! In addition, Alana has been chosen to be one of the four cygnets (baby swans) who dance their own special bit. Even if you know nothing about ballet, you probably know the dance of the cygnets. It's that one in which the four dancers cross and hold hands in front. The one that everyone tries to imitate. Quite the honour!

This weekend she had rehearsal on Saturday and photo day (in full costumes and makeup) on Sunday. We also had to make a quick trip to our nearest Bloch store to pick up a few bits and pieces, including brand new ballet slippers (the old ones had been painted so many times I think they had more paint than leather on them!).

Secondly, one of my flute students had her 4th grade exam today. Saturday was her last lesson and Sunday afternoon we travelled to Sydney to stay with my parents overnight because the exam was being held 9am in AMEB headquarters and we didn't want to have to leave home before dawn to get there! My Mum and Dad were super hospitable feeding us and putting us up for the night, as well as driving us into the city this morning and dropping us right out the front of the building.

Good news - my student got a solid pass in a technically challenging exam. Smiles all 'round!

So that's me for now...

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