Thursday, November 19, 2009

New Moon Rocks!

New Moon

Seen 6 am today with my gorgeous daughter Alana.

***** "Must see"

How good is this movie? So very, very good. Much anticipated, it did not disappoint. At all. Quite a feat! I cannot remember ever seeing a movie adaptation of a book that I loved like this. Very faithful to the book, and yet...somehow even better!

I know, heresy! In the long term, a movie will never be quite as satisfying as a book. It will never hold up to repeated watching the way a much loved book holds up to re-reading. But in the short term, this movie is very, very satisfying. There is nothing that leaves me feeling "I wish they had done such and such" or "I can't believe they left that out!" or "Why the hell did they add that bit?" or "So and so wasn't convincing". Nothing!

I believe that even non-fans will enjoy this, because it has lots of humour. Also action and romance and hot guys with no shirts on - what's not to love? And the story is told satisfyingly thoroughly. Sometimes movies-made-from-books skip over parts of the plot that leave me wondering how people who have not read the book will understand what is going on. Not New Moon. It cleverly makes sure that the plot is made explicit without making you feel that one of the characters has turned into the narrator.

So what are you waiting for? Get to the cinema pronto!


Sheila (Bookjourney) said...

I cant wait! I am on for tomorrow on this one!

Fiona said...

Have a great time :)