Monday, November 16, 2009

So...what have I been up to?

Saturday's music recital went remarkably well! Alana's ballet teacher kindly allowed me to hold it in the ballet studio so that we would have plenty of space with an easily accessible piano. (At my place, the piano is in our "study", the fourth bedroom that is also home to our two computers and my desk. Fine for private music lessons, but no good for holding a recital!) My flute students played beautifully, and the choral item went well. All the additional performers, including Alana playing "Bella's Lullaby" on the piano, did a great job. My wonderful sister played piano to accompany the flautists and singers, and her three daughters entertained us with a super cute hula dance to "My Island Samoa".

And so now we steadily head on the downhill run to Christmas. Still ahead include school presentation nights, and Alana's Year 6 farewell as she heads to highschool next year. Also the end of year ballet concert and the Christmas shopping. But what I'm currently anticipating...only 3 sleeps to go until New Moon. Yes, that's right, Mum-of-the-year strikes again! Alana and I have tickets to the 6 am showing on Thursday. Mmmmm, shirtless Jacob....

Still no word on the jobs I have applied for, and still waiting for one more uni assignment return before I can say that I'm officially half-way through my Masters.

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