Saturday, November 14, 2009

Praise the Lord - I have passed my ETL501 assignment!!!

It was worth 70% of my final grade, and earlier in the semester I failed the assignment that was worth 30%, so I really, really, really needed to pass it!

Hooray! Lecturer says it was a big improvement on my first assignment, but that I still have the tendency to stray off task...

Now I can get onto final preparations for the music recital I am holding this afternoon. There are twelve items, including both vocal and instrumental performances; solos, duets, and even a mini choir! The youngest performer is my niece Darcy, the oldest are two guitar-playing Dads that are getting in on the act. I am encouraging a family-friendly, fun and relaxed celebration of music. (And we are all going out for dinner - table for 27! - afterwards.)

Will post tomorrow to let you know how it all went.


Cathy said...

Congratulations on passing the assignment. I failed the first part quite spectacularly, but thank goodness I had enough marks from our first assignment and the pathfinder to carry me over the line....just!
Looking forawrd to a summer of no assignments.

Fiona said...

Hey Cathy, glad you made it over the line! The markers certainly are rigorous in their expectations for our assignments :)