Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Jobs, High School and the Twilight Saga.

  1. I have just posted another job application. No luck (so far, and it's been a while so I'm not holding my breath) with the other two that I applied for earlier in the month. This one is local (tick), part time (tick), and as part of the local public library team (just what I want). However, the hours are challenging (5 - 9.30am Tuesday to Friday), and I wouldn't actually be working in the library, but manning a book stall at the local train station as a service to commuters. Don't get me wrong, I think it's a fabulous service to the community (and before this job came up I didn't even know it existed). However, I don't think it's really my dream job! I'd prefer to be in the library, working with a team, and with the opportunity to extend my skills and use my abilities in many different areas of library work including story time for preschoolers, the virtual library (particularly online resources for school students) and reference work. I think that the Book Express job would be limited to checking out adult fiction. But it would be a foot in the door. And simply getting my resume into the hands of the people responsible for hiring at the library is a good start. I really hope I get an interview!
  2. The whole family went to the parent information evening at Alana's high school last night. Alana was fortunate (and talented!) enough to gain a place at an academically selective high school in our area. Last night was a precurser to Thursday week's orientation day, to prepare the 180 students that will be entering Year 7 next year (and will be the class of 2015!). We got lots of information about travel passes, uniforms, book packs, joining the P&C, and how to overcome "homework shock"! I'm starting to realise what a big deal it is to have your oldest child start high school. Any advice from parents that have "been there, done that" will be received gratefully!
  3. I'm re-reading Eclipse. I know, I know, it's not literary gold, but I can't help myself! After seeing New Moon at the movies I just had to continue with the story!


Anonymous said...

Hi Fiona,
What a brave woman you are, applying for a job that starts at 5am!! Yikes! But I already know you are one of these mysterious people with a lot of energy that I envy. I agree, it's not the ideal library job in terms of collaboration but you'd see some interesting things and meet some great people who must appreciate the service. What an amazing outreach concept from the library. Good luck with it - sounds like it's one of those win-win outcomes. If you get it, yay, if you don't, well, it's always a blow, but yay, no 4am starts!

Fiona said...

OMG I don't know what gave you the idea that I am full of energy. Quite the opposite, I'm afraid! If it's because I'm a prolific blogger, well, I just enjoy it and don't think of it as work...if only someone would pay me for it!!!

Thanks for the support :)