Sunday, July 11, 2010

I will be actually working in a real library!

Just a quick post to let you all know that I may be M.I.A over the next two weeks. I doing a two week work placement at Wyong TAFE library as part of my Master of Education (Teacher/Librarianship).

This is a screen shot of the library's website. To check it out for yourself, head to

While I'm there, I'll be experiencing what it is like to work in a TAFE library setting. The Wyong TAFE (Technical and Further Education) Campus offers many different courses including general education (literacy and numeracy, English for speakers of other languages, high school equivalence), hospitality (kitchen and catering), health and community services (first aid, aged care), business administration and electical trades.

The library supports both teachers and students with access to the information they need to successfully teach and learn. Library staff provide facilities and services to ensure that every member of the TAFE community has the support they need to teach and learn as effectively as possible.

The first week I will have an opportunity to acclimatise and find out as much as possible about how everything works as the students will still be on holidays. My second week, however, will be the first week of semester, and my supervisor tells me that there will be plenty of action! Students will be keen to get started on their courses and teachers will bring groups to the library for orientation tours and tutorial sessions covering skills such as catalogue and database searching and referencing. 

I'm looking forward to my visit, but not so much writing the 2000 word report that goes with it. I have to discuss how successfully I feel that the library meets the needs of its users, and reflect on what I have gained from my experience and how it will contribute to my development as a teacher librarian. Of course I have to refer to the current literature, not just ramble out of my own head!

So, I may not be blogging a whole lot over the next two weeks.

In other news:

I have an iPhone, I have an iPhone *doing the happy dance*!!!


L S said...

Hi Fiona,

All the best with the next two weeks! I am yet to officialise my prof experience, though have spoken to the librarian I would like to work with.
I am sure you will gain lots of different ideas and knowledge.

Sandy Fussell said...

Lucky you. But you will blog about the experience when you come back two weeks later...? I would love to work in a library

Cathy said...

Good luck with the placement and have lots of fun.

Dillypoo said...

Congratulations on the position and the iPhone!!!

my blog said...

What a wonderful 2 weeks you will have. To work in a library is a dream I always had when I was a little girl. But then in my dream I was reading all day the books that I wanted as well. : )
Have fun!