Sunday, July 4, 2010

The Twitter Trio (6)

Twitter has led me to many educators and librarians that write fantastic, informative blogs. Today I'm going to feature three that I have found particularly helpful.

A recent interesting post was Women in American Librarianship and Valuing Women's Work. An excerpt:

The answer is that there were women leaders and that their values (not some sort of womanly deficiency they all had) shaped American librarianship. I also just finished WOMEN AND THE VALUES OF AMERICAN LIBRARIANSHIP (Ide House, 1994) by Sydney Chambers and Carolynne Myall and they provide tons of examples. Here are just a very few:

•Public libraries were formed out of community libraries that were originally started by women in most cases. In 1933 the ALA “credited women’s clubs with the repsonsibility for initiating 75 percent of the public libraries in existence at that time” (p. 17).

•Isadore Gilbert Mudge built Columbia University’s reference collection and taught library school students her methods of conducting a reference interview. (p. 29)

•Adelaide Hasse was a founder of special librarianship, developed a classification scheme, and helped form the US Government Documents service. (p. 31)

•“[O]f the four insitutions established before 1900 which later became charter members of the Association of American Library Schools, the founding directors of three were women,” Katherine Sharp, Mary Wright Plummer, and Alice Kroeger. (p. 36)

•Mary Wright Plummer was the head of the library school at the Pratt Institute Free Library from 1895 to 1911, the Principal of the library school at NYPL from 1911 to 1916, and was President of ALA from 1915 to 1916–years before women were even allowed to vote! (p. 35)

•The director of the LA Public Library from 1889 to 1895 was Tessa Kelso–and this was decades before women got the vote. (p. 43)

While women who held leadership positions often did so at local or state or regional levels, women were also library founders, innovators in their fields, library directors, library school founders, and even served as the president of ALA before their country trusted them to vote.

2. Librarians Matter
A recent interesting post was How does Google work? Infographic.

This blog is written by the teacher librarian at Creekview High School in Canton, Georgia - Buffy J Hamilton. Isn't that an awesome name for a librarian!?! To me, it sounds like she might be slaying vampires during lunchtime :)

Trust me, READ HER BLOG! It is just as cool as her name sounds.

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