Thursday, July 15, 2010

Work Placement Days 3 and 4

So...I have actually done some "real work" at the library!

Yesterday I learned how to process newly accessioned resources (for the non-librarians, that means how to get new books ready for the shelf!). I then spent the afternoon working through the pile that had been building up because the library technician has been on holidays. I got all the way to the bottom of the pile - yay me!

Today my supervisor checked through a whole lot of new arrivals and started a new pile...

Also, Joanne got me working on a metadata project that she is supposed to have finished by tomorrow. It involves choosing some keywords that will be used as search terms when prospective students are searching the website for what course they would like to enrol in. I was doing the Electical Engineering courses, an area in which I have absolutely no expertise! I read through the course description and career options for each course, then added funky keywords and phrases like "special class electrician" and "technical officer". I really hope that when new electrical-engineering-type-people search the database they are successful in finding the information that they need!

So, what have you been up to?


Park Avenue Princess said...

Not too much! But I did want to stop by and say hello! :) I hope you'll stop by as well! Congrats on your Library Job!

God it feels so good to be posting and commenting again! Oh ... I wanted to let you know that I have a Lizzy Bleu Giveaway going on. I'll be putting up an adorable summery giveaway today/tonight and I have a huge NOOK giveaway coming up! I hope you'll be part of it!

Nice to "see" you!

xoxx Park-Avenue Princess

Dillypoo said...

Ever consider fun keywords like "advanced nerd" or "required geek"? You know someone, somewhere searched for "nerd" just to see what popped up!