Saturday, July 10, 2010

The Twitter Trio (7) - I'd follow you anywhere

Here are three of my tweeps that I'm so glad that I follow:

1. Tess Alfonsin @ReadingCountess

Reader, Writer, Mother of all boys, Teacher of tweens, Dreamer

Tess has a blog called Recycle Your Reads, and I'm also Tess' friend on Goodreads, where she is very active. She lists lots of books about teaching reading - I'm going to pilfer from her bookshelves whenever possible!

2. Bobbi Newman @librarianbyday

I'm not that kind of librarian

Bobbi has a blog called Librarian by Day and also writes on the Libraries and Transliteracy blog.

3. Steph Westwood @2sparkley

mum, wife, infant school teacher with a SMARTBOARD, author

Steph has a blog called Bits and Pieces Place. She tweets lots of great links that are applicable to me, being Australian like I am.

The Twitter Trio is a weekly feature at my blog, where I highlight interesting things that I have found via Twitter.


Fiona said...
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my blog said...

Hi Fiona,

thank you for inclyding me in this list. It is an honour to be with both
@librarianbyday and @ReadingCountess.

Hope this works this time.

ReadingCountess said...

Thank you so much for this honor! I do have to say that through blogs (like your own), tweeps (like you) and Goodreads friends (again, like you...) that I have grown as a reader, writer and teacher. I cannot speak highly enough about social networking enough. Your blog tonight is proof positive that this is the direction that we are headed in.
Thanks again!

Bobbi Newman said...

Thank you for including me!