Friday, April 22, 2011

Addicted to weighing and trying to avoid the dreaded plateau

Starting weight: 80.5 kg

Last week's weight: 71.5 kg

Current weight: 71.1 kg

Loss this week: 0.4 kg

I was totally disappointed this week on weigh day. Why? Because a couple of days earlier I weighed myself and got 70.8 kg and I thought I might even get down to 70.5 kg and post a 1 kg loss. Then I got on the scales on "the day" and got 71.1 kg. Boo :(

Now that I've got my fabulous fancy scales I'm getting a little bit addicted to weighing myself. I really should restrict myself to once a week on weigh day only. How often do you weigh?

Now that the weather is getting a bit cooler and less humid here, I've started going for longer walks to amp up my exercise a bit. I've still got quite a lot of weight to lose and I'm concerned that the rate of loss is dropping off and that soon I'm going to plateau. I'm trying a pre-emptive strike of extra exercise to avoid this. I guess I'm concerned that my body will get used to working with less calories and will become more efficient and I'll stop losing weight. Does this happen? Does anyone else out there worry about things like that?

Now I'm going to do a bad, bad thing. I'm guessing that this post might get more traffic than my usual ones due to the fact that I'm linking up with Brandy at You Don't Know. So I'm going to include a link to my last post in the hope that if you're visiting from Brandy's blog, you might click on the link and check it out.

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Dillypoo said...

Plateaus will happen. So long as you're prepared for them, you should be able to weather them without getting discouraged. In my experience, the mind and body sometimes need time to catch up to each other.

My longest plateau was 5-6 months.

I only weigh myself once a week at my meeting. It's too easy for me to get obsessive about things, so I make a point to NOT obsess about the scale.

Way to go!!!

Kerri said...

coming over to comment from brandy's blog!

i say a loss is a loss and it sounds like you are doing great!!

i just started so i havent hit the plateau yet but i would just say switch up ur exercising so ur not doing the same thing all the time give ur body that jolt because it will get comfortable with the same thing

keep up the good work!!

sammy said...

Better a 400g loss that a 400g gain - well done!

Cerise said...

You still lost and that is AWESOME!
Honestly, I weight myself almost everyday. I know it's a bad habit, but I can't help it. I'm terrified that I'll wake up one morning and be right back at my starting weight.
I hit a plateau not too long ago. It lasted 3 weeks. You just have to push through them.

Brandy@YDK said...

A loss is a loss. Don't get discouraged. I weigh myself all the time but only count the weight watchers meeting weight. And it's always more than home