Friday, April 15, 2011

Attack of the Killer Sausage Rolls

So I told you all last week about my new scales. I've weighed myself on the old scales and the new scales and I've tried to figure out the difference all mathematically.

New, adjusted starting weight: 80.5 kg

Current weight on whizz-bang scales: 71.5 kg

So, although it looks like I've gained weight since last week's post, let's focus on the big picture and notice that I've lost a total of 9 kg! Yay! And who am I kidding? No-one other than me is really paying that close attention to the numbers anyway.

I feel like I've settled into a reliable routine when it comes to what I'm eating. It feels pretty easy. The problem comes when I have to eat out. Here are some examples:

I managed to offend a relative by refusing her home-made sausage rolls at a family birthday party. They were hors d'oeuvres before the main meal, so it wouldn't have been a big deal that I didn't eat any, except that my mum helpfully said something along the lines of, "That's how you're losing so much weight, Fiona, by not eating things like these sausage rolls!". Helpful. Later when I had a glass of wine with my meal, the sausage roll maker said, "Is wine allowed on your diet?" rather archly. Oooops.

After a family Christening, everyone decamped to the nearest pub for a celebratory light lunch. It was all finger food: crackers with cheese and cabanossi, pies, quiches and sausage rolls (again!), fried chicken pieces and cake. I'm serious, there was not a vegetable in sight, nor a healthy, low-points option. Now I could have just not eaten, but I was hungry because we'd had to leave home about an hour and a half before the Christening to travel. And then the service went for a loooooong time. And I knew I had a long drive home. So I nibbled on a spinach and cheese triangle and half a mini quiche and wished for a glass of wine but didn't want to waste the points on one since I was already eating buttery pastry and cheese.

It's Alana's birthday on Monday. We're going out for dinner with some of her friends to GPK - Gourmet Pizza Kitchen. They have a huge range of toppings so I'm really hoping that I'll be able to find something with lots of vegies that I can relax and enjoy. I know that WW includes extra weekly points for just these sorts of occasions, so I'm hoping to use some of my extras for birthday cake!

How do you manage when you have to eat out?

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Brandy@YDK said...

See I do worse when I'm at home - then I just boredom eat. and good for you for trying to be conscience of your choices.