Monday, April 11, 2011

The Easter Bunny's Early Arrival

Even though the title of my most recent post included the words "Yay for shopping!", I don't really enjoy shopping. What I like is buying. Notice the subtle difference?

There's been quite a lot of buying going on at my place lately. We got a little cash injection via the bank to fund some orthodontic work for the kids and our planned holiday overseas next year. And while there's money to be spent, you can be sure that we can find things to spend it on.

We went shopping - the whole family - after Alana's ballet eisteddfod yesterday. We needed some stuff, like new shoes for the kids and new clothes for the husband. So we hit Erina Fair.

The husband likes shopping. He's a browser. We head into a shop with a specific item to get, and before we've taken three steps in the door he's become distracted by something hanging in his eyeline. Or we'll be striding down the mall, headed to a particular shop, and he'll veer off into a store just because something catches his eye! The people that design shopping centres in order to get you to part with as much of your money as possible have really got his number.

Anyway, while we were in KMart, supposedly looking for some new school shoes for Alana, the husband called me over to the home entertainment section. Uh oh. He showed me a Wii package and looked hopefully at me. He's been wanting a Wii for a long time, like since Christmas. He suggested that we ask the children if they'd like a Wii for Easter instead of chocolate.

What's a girl to do? A Wii definitely wasn't on the shopping list. We've got plenty of things to spend our money on that we really need. But the husband works hard and he deserves a treat. So I put on my serious face, found the kids, and put it to them: no chocolate for Easter, but instead a Wii. What do you think they said?

Now it's the first day of the school holidays and the Wii has been on since the crack of dawn. The husband is at work and I am wrangling the fights over turns. I wonder how the kids will feel on Easter morning when there's no chocolate? That's still two weeks away, enough time for them to forget that no chocolate was part of the deal.

Do you enjoy shopping with the family?


Brandy@YDK said...

i really want a wii too! i also hate shopping.

Dillypoo said...

Maybe you can cut out bunny shapes in toast and spread it with Nutella. Or Vegemite...

The Professor is just the opposite of Chris. He HATES shopping. I'll have to find a couple of posts about taking him clothes hunting.

sammy said...

Chris has the right idea ... shopping is my idea of heaven - even better when I'm alone!