Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Assignment return freak out!

Even though I have finished all this semester's work, I've been keeping in touch with what's going on at uni via the forums. Today I noticed a post by the lecturer stating that some assignments were already on their way back. Sure enough, when I checked further, I found out that my assignment was posted back to me today!
AAAARGH! I should have it tomorrow or Thursday and will know for sure whether or not I have passed ETL503. Which will be great if I have a good result, but a real bummer if I don't. It's even possible (I don't think very likely, but who knows?) that I have performed so badly that I have failed the course. Then I will have a supplementary assignment to worry about - YUCK!
What is my goal? Ideally I'd like to get 46+ out of 60 (!!!) which should give me a distinction for the subject. Honestly, I'd like to get at least 36 out of 60 which should give me a credit. (Remembering that I got 29 out of 40 for the first assignment.) 503 was definitely the more practical of the two subjects I studied this semester, and I really think I do better with the theory. We'll see...


L Steinfurth said...

Hi Fiona,

Didn't realise the assignments were on their way hoping to squeeze through with a pass. Was happy with the assessment task, though I was also happy with the first, and it didn't get me too far! :-)

Hope you are pleased with your results. I am only pleased that they'll be back AFTER the submission of the ETL401 Assess 2. At least this way, I can dissolve without having to maintain focus!

Fiona said...

No,no,no not happy at all! Can't believe I had such high expectations and then failed :(

Have been away for the weekend (again!) but will check with Ashley tomorrow that I can still pass the subject. What a nightmare!