Monday, June 22, 2009

Meeting Sookie

Welcome to my first post in the Sookie Stackhouse Reading Challenge!

I have joined a challenge hosted by Beth Fish Reads which requires me to read all the books in Charlaine Harris' Southern Vampires series within the next year. Piece of cake!

The books are:
Dead Until Dark
Living Dead in Dallas
Club Dead
Dead to the World
Dead as a Doornail
Definitely Dead
All Together Dead
From Dead to Worse
Dead and Gone

The titles make me chuckle :) I wonder if Charlaine is having trouble coming up with phrases containing the word dead?

A little trip to Borders has netted me a copy of Dead Until Dark at 30% off (they are so cunning emailing me discount vouchers every week!). I did see the box set of the first 7 books, but at $120 it was out of my price range! I really like the cover art on the box set, it is whimsical and quirky; instead I have what I assume is an image from the HBO series True Blood.
I have been very restrained, and haven't started reading yet because I'm still part way through another book which I want to finish first. How's that for self-control!
I did have a little peek at the first page, just to get a feel for it (!), and I could tell right away that I am going to love Sookie! She has a hint of sarcasm in her voice, and does a little dance step of joy when she realises that her very own vampire has just walked into the bar! She has me intrigued!
If you'd like to join the challenge click here.


Ashley (Girl That Reads) said...

I really do like the original covers more than the HBO show ones! Good luck with the challenge! I am starting Club Dead this week! I can't wait!

Fiona said...

Thanks for stopping by Ashley! I'm looking forward to reading everyone's reviews, opinions etc.

Ruth Buchanan said...

Piece of cake! - and a lot of fun, besides. I've read them all (took much less than a year) and have listened to the audiobooks too - they're good!

The Lisa Desimini illustrated covers are my favourite.

Try this for a better price for the 7 book box set ($52AU delivered):
8 book box set is out later this year, and as you know there are nine so far - plus later this year a 'collected Sookie stories' (as previously published singly in anthologies) (one at least is 'anticipated knowledge' in one of the later Sookie books, and I was glad to have caught up with it and had that gap in my knowledge filled).

True Blood takes a bunch from the book, but has its own inventions as well (some I think more successful than others) - the second series has just started showing in the US.

NYTimes article about Charlaine Harris and the series is here:

Cheers, Ruth (PS thanks for the lovely comment on my blog! - glad you found the entry useful.)

Fiona said...

Thanks for stopping by Ruth! It is so nice to have comments to read.

Glad to hear you enjoyed Sookie and thanks for the extra info. You are a fount of knowledge!

Alea said...

Whoa! Where do you live? I just got the box set for 31 dollars on Amazon! 120 dollars? that's nuts! So glad you joined! :D

Fiona said...

I live in Australia. $120 Aussie dollars is the going price in a regular retail store.

Alea said...

Ahhh that makes sense! I think our retail price was around 50 dollars here, so that's why i went with amazon, for the discount :D