Saturday, June 20, 2009

Today I am pleased to host an interview with my daughter Alana! We are going to talk about the Twilight saga by Stephenie Meyer.
So Alana, I've noticed that this seems to be the first book series that you have become seriously obsessed with! Why???
Well...I needed to know what was going to happen next. The story is unpredictable, and I like the characters.
Your friends at school are all into it too. What do you like talking about with your friends the most?
My friends all started reading the books after me, so I like asking them where they're up to and reliving the story with them.
Who are your favourite characters, and why?
Alice - because she has a very friendly, nice and bubbly personalilty.
Bella - because the story is written from her point of view, I can relate to her.
Edward - he's so protective with Bella, I think he's nice.
Emmett - he's a good, playful big brother.
Seth - he's awesome, he's my favourite werewolf. He's like a kid, a puppy, enthusiastic.
Did you find anything about the books difficult to read? Were there any bits that you didn't really understand, or you felt were a bit old for you?
Not really, just sometimes I needed to ask because I didn't quite grasp what was meant.
Do you like it that I've read, and loved, the books too? Do you like being able to talk to me about them?
Yes, especially since noone else in the house lets me.
What age group do you think these books are suitable for? Girls or boys?
Definitely girls, I think boys would find them too romantic and not interesting. I think any mature readers of my age (11) will enjoy them, right up to adults. So you should try them!
What aspect of the style of books do you like best? The romance? The supernatural stuff? The fact that the main character is a teenage girl?...
All of the above. All of these put together make them perfect.
Is there anything else you want to say?
I enjoyed reading these bits best:
In Twilight, the blood typing class in Biology.
In New Moon, when she thinks she's dreaming because Edward is there with her after their confrontation with the Volturi.
In Eclipse, when she punches Jacob after he kisses her and calls Edward to come and get her.
In Breaking Dawn, when she becomes a vampire and I really like Renesmee!
Thanks for talking to me Alana!
No problem!


Glenda said...

Hi Fiona and Alana.
I can assure you that boys (I teach in an all-boys secondary school) are just as interested in the Twilight series as girls. The four copies of each book are NEVER on the shelves.
I am just as hooked on Twilight, I just have to keep on reading. I have deliberately not read the remainder of this post relating to New Moon, Eclipse and Breaking Dawn. I don't want the storyline to be spoilt.
I can't wait to finish my last 401 assignment (my extension is until July 3. I had better get cracking.

Fiona said...

That's interesting about the boys! Sorry, we should have put a spoiler alert at the top of the interview!