Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Hooray, hooray!

My last assignment for the semester has been submitted! You can't believe the feeling of relief that it inspires. I didn't really know how much it was affecting me until I clicked on "submit" and felt the weight rise off my shoulders.

I have finished reading Life Expectancy and will post a short review on my guestbook. I have never really written a book review before, guess I should have thought of that before I got this crazy idea that I'd like my blog to feature book reviews! (I think I was hoping that I'd provide a forum to host other people's reviews.)
I have been back to the local library and borrowed a couple more books: The Surrogate by Judith Henry Wall and What was she Thinking? (Notes on a Scandal) by Zoe Heller. I find it difficult to choose when all the books are spine-out in bookcases. I like it better when some are displayed face-out so I can use the cover to help me decide if I want to pick up the book and inspect it more closely! I think I'll work on a "Plan To Read" list so that I never have to wander aimlessly around the library again.
My daughter is moving quickly through the Twilight saga, she is now on to the third book Eclipse. They did grab her after all. This morning they showed a trailer for New Moon on the Today show, I caught a glimpse of it and cried out, "Quick Alana, they're showing a New Moon trailer!" and she came running. When it is released it will make a nice mother/daughter outing!

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