Thursday, June 18, 2009

Guilty Pleasure

I have just finished reading Midnight Sun by Stephenie Meyer, a partial draft of a novel which is Twilight from Edward's point of view. Stephenie explains on her website how the draft was leaked by a trusted friend, which upset her so much she couldn't continue writing. But after some thought, she decided to make the draft available to her fans, and hopes to go back to it some time in the future. The draft is in pdf form, but can only be read on the screen, as it can't be printed. So I put in some serious screen reading time to get through the 264 pages!
I LOVE IT! I love it even more than Twilight because now I finally see what all the fuss is about Edward! Unlike many others who immediately fall in love with Edward (and even dream of him!!!), I never really got it. (I rather fancied Jacob, who at least is warm and has a heartbeat!) But reading from Edward's viewpoint, and getting inside his head, makes me like him a lot more. Unfortunately the draft only makes it as far as just before Edward takes Bella to the meadow to show her his skin in the sunlight, so I'm feeling unsatisfied. I really hope Stephenie finishes and publishes it.
I talked to my lecturer, and I'm definitely going to pass the subject that I failed the assignment for, so that's a relief! Now I'm just waiting to get the last assignment (for the other subject) back. I'm really hoping for a great result, but after my rather embarrassing predictions for the last one, I'm not going to commit to my hoped for marks in print!


Glenda said...

Hi Fiona,
I am loving the Twilight series. Having read Meyer's website I can only hope rewrites Midnight Sun.

Thanks for the post on my blog - on me blogging like a maniac. I wish I could have a holiday, but i'm busy reading through the ISP models and making a few comments and quotes to help me along my way. I think I've got until July 3, only 15 days away.

Working at school today, just doing a little time wasting. No, I must get back to reading about the Plus model then a class to finish the day.

Fiona said...

Good luck finishing everything. PLUS was one of the models that I evaluated too. I was a bit critical of it. I read on James Herring's blog that he was marking some of our assignments, so I really hope he takes criticism well!