Saturday, July 25, 2009

Criteria for Evaluating Websites

Chapter 3 of Herring's the internet and information skills is concerned with methods and criteria for evaluating websites; specifically educational websites.

ED's Oasis provides a table for teachers and teacher librarians to score websites.

Shrock's The ABCs of Website Evaluation

The CARS model is useful but perhaps better for university students than the school context.

College of New Caledonia Library Evaluating Websites - questions to ask

Hains Considerations for Website Users

November Teaching Zach to Think

The above links should be very helpful for my first assignment, in which I must critically evaluate two sets of website criteria, then use a set of criteria to critically evaluate four particular websites.
Please leave me a comment if you've ever dealt with these issues and have any other links that might be helpful!
Please leave me a comment if you would like to express your opinion on any of the links above!
Another exciting instalment of the internet and information skills is coming soon...

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