Saturday, July 25, 2009

Information Literacy

I know you're all just dying to find out what's in Chapter 5 of James Herring's the internet and information skills! :)
Chapter 5 deals, in the main, with Information Literacy. Definitions for info lit abound, but basically it is skills, attitudes and processes that allow one to find and use information to solve problems or meet needs. So information literacy includes traditional 'library skills', ICT skills, and the ability to formulate questions, plan research, evaluate the suitability of information sources and evaluate your own process.
ETL401 last semester dealt with Information Literacy in detail, but Herring's book is concerned mainly with teaching students to apply these skills and processes to finding and using information on the internet.
Again, I'm including a list of links:
Advice given to high school students in Mesquite, Texas, USA.
Online Searching Checklist from Melbourne High School, Australia.
Searching tips St Joseph's Nudgee College, Australia.
Advice on evaluating websites from Westminster School, London, UK.
Advice for students at Lovett School Libraries, Atlanta, Georgia, USA.
A lesson on evaluating websites for grade 9-12 students.
Again, please let me know if anything is helpful, or not, or if you have any suggestions for me.


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I am preparing to start my first assignment and am finding that the links I have included here (from my text) are not working. What a pain!

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