Thursday, July 23, 2009

Searching for Information using the Internet

Every once in a while, I need to get serious and actually do some work. In preparation for second semester (starting Monday 27th July), I have recently read the internet and information skills by James E. Herring. James happens to be my lecturer for ETL501 'Information Environment' this semester. You can check out his blog here.
Chapter 2 of the book concentrates on different search engines and search techniques for finding information using the internet.
I am going to list below some helpful links:
Kartoo is a search engine which displays results as a concept map (good for visual learners like me!).
Dogpile is a meta-search engine.
AskJeeves is good for finding results relevant to school students.
Search Engine Watch can help keep you up to date with the availability and development of search engines.
Search Engine Showdown can be used in schools to consider all aspects of search engine use.
Complete Planet organises deep web sites (invisible web) by categories.
Clip Art and Image Search provides sources relating to clip art but also multimedia, paintings and photographs.
Fast Facts provides short factual answers to questions which might normally be answered by using reference works or fact books.
I haven't actually checked out any of these links myself yet! Feel free to check them out yourself - I'd really appreciate any comments you leave on what you found useful (or not!).
Good luck to all my fellow uni students, and I hope you others didn't find this too boring.


Alex the Girl said...

Great links. I feel the need to get my "work" mode started but I feel sooooo unmotivated. Not even these fabulous links have triggered the itch I need to get it up and at it.

Fiona said...

I still have kids at home on school hols. They go back Tues 28th. Then I will have to jump straight into work with a bang!

Fiona :)


Thanks for dropping by and commenting on my blog, Fiona! I noticed you've linked to my blog and since from a rapid look at yours I understand we share enough...I'll do the same!