Monday, July 6, 2009

Sookie vs Twilight

Welcome to my fellow reading challenge participants!

Because I don't write regular book reviews, I've decided to post again in regard to Dead Until Dark by Charlaine Harris, to share some more of my thoughts.

I prefer Sookie to Twilight. There, I've said it! (With apologies to my daughter, who is horrified at the thought of "those random, cape-wearing, fanged vampires". She likes the sparkly, gentlemanly ones better!) In fact, I think one of the main reasons that I like Sookie better is because I like the sensual, pleasure-seeking, only-out-at-night vampires in Sookie's world. To me, they're more compatible with vampire lore than Stephenie Meyer's creations.

I also really enjoyed the murder mystery aspect of Dead Until Dark. I enjoy an amateur detective as much as the next person, and love a page-turning thriller! As the body count rose, I really wanted Sookie to use her gift to solve the mystery.

There are some obvious similarities between the Twilight saga and Sookie. Vampires, mind-reading, shape-shifters...and that's just in the first book! While reading Twilight, I felt transported back to my teenage years, but Sookie I can enjoy just as I am!

I'm trying to visit everyone's posts and leave comments. With thanks to Beth at Beth Fish Reads for creating this challenge!


L Steinfurth said...

When do you get time to read all these books? I'm a 'pick up a book, read it non-stop (for 24 hours), until finished and then don't pick up another for months. (And I LOVE reading!)
Thanks for the Wiki tip. Took my info off and experimented by writing in a word document, Cut and paste into email, changed it to HTML format and then cut and pasted to the wiki. (Font changes, colours, sizes, background colours etc) Did not work! :-( Must be an easy way to do this. Just have to find it!

Just a question...How do you add links in your blog eg 'Beth Fish reads" as a name and not the HTTP address?

Fiona said...

I am terrible - I prioritise reading over just about everything else! Just wait until second semester starts and my (recreational) reading rate will drop dramatically!

To add a link:
Type normally as you compose your post.
Choose the text that you would like to make a link - highlight it by clicking and dragging.
Now click on the icon that looks a bit like a globe.
You will be able to type in the url for the link.

Hope this is easy to follow.

L Steinfurth said...

How deceptively simple! Thanks for that! Will give it a go. :-)

Alex the Girl said...

This was a great idea for a review. I read Twilight years ago when one of my students begged me to buy it for the classroom library. It's an enjoyable book, but like you, I prefer the Sookie vamps. They are more "human." I think Stephanie Myers made her vampires a bit too invincible for my tastes, although I will confess, here and now, that I've read all four books at least three times...they appeal to something in me!

I've read all of the published Sookie books, and and re reading them in order to do the book reviews. It's my first time doing a challenge AND a book review as well.

Enjoyed stopping by.

Fiona said...

Thanks for the comment, and for following Alex! I really enjoy the social aspect of blogging; being able to read and leave comments.

I hope to make some bloggy friends by participating in this challenge. I'm also doing "Everything Austen".

Anonymous said...

Also compared this book to Twilight a little in my review. There were similarities from Twilight and this book. But I really enjoy this series a lot better. I like Twilight because to me there was a more romantic connection between Edward and Bella. And Sookie and Bill seem to just be there for me. lol. Half of the time Bill is away somewhere and is only mentioned a few times in the books. But I still like this series.

Fiona said...

I agree about the romantic connection. I think you have to have a very good imagination to fully understand how Edward and Bella feel about each other :)