Saturday, July 18, 2009

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince - the movie

*** SPOILER ALERT*** This is not a review, as such, but the ravings of a completely mad Potter fan upon seeing the much-awaited new movie!
Did we enjoy it? Yes we did!
Best scenes that we enjoyed from the book and were dying to see on the screen:
1. Ron eats the love-potion-spiked chocolates sent to Harry by Romilda Vane.
OMG - can anyone do a better totally dopey love struck face than Rupert Grint!?! Physical comedy at its best!
2. Ron as Quidditch keeper - the tryouts and the match.
Again - fabulous physical comedy from Rupert Grint!
Most disappointing omitted scenes that we enjoyed from the book and were dying to see on screen:
1. Luna commentating at the Quidditch match.
Was dying to see the crowd reaction to Luna's unique take on the action!
2. Harry and Ginny's kiss in the Griffindor common room after Quidditch.
Cannot believe that this was down-graded to a stolen kiss in the room of requirement!!! Aaaaargh!
Overall, a fairly faithful rendition of the plot and feel of the book. Great special effects (as expected). A mix of comedy and action. I want to see it again.
Sometimes I wonder, when I see Harry Potter movies, if the director understands the significance of the things that he leaves out, in terms of the overall story arc? Harry Potter fans are often left wondering how these omissions are going to be dealt with in later movies. A lot of what Dumbledore tells Harry about the horcruxes is left out of this movie. How is Harry going to get this information that he needs in Deathly Hallows to succeed in his quest?
I was very disappointed in the movie's take on the Harry/Ginny relationship. In the book, once they finally got together, I got a sense of real connection between the two, and a sense of them being both emotionally and physically comfortable with one another. You get nothing of that in the movie, only one stolen kiss and one instance of Harry crying on Ginny's shoulder (when Dumbledore dies). The movie leaves you feeling that the romance is still in its very early stages, quite undefined and chaste. In contrast, in the book Harry and Ginny are unmistakably happy with each other, spend a lot of time together, talk, laugh and (yes!) snog!!! I'm disappointed with the movie's interpretation for a few reasons:
1. I'm a romantic! With all this death and destruction, give me some romance for heaven's sake!
2. It's not faithful to the book.
3. It won't make as much sense in the overall story. At the beginning of Deathly Hallows, Harry 'breaks up' with Ginny to protect her from Voldemort as he embarks on his quest. He loves her too much to allow Voldemort to get any idea that she is important to him. He knows that Voldemort would like nothing more than to hurt someone that Harry loves. I'm just not sure that this will pack the same punch in the movie as it did in the book given the movie's interpetation of their relationship.
OK, I'll stop rambling now! Any comments will be eagerly read!

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Anonymous said...

Loved it! Will probably go again. Went tot he midnight showing the night it opened. Home at 3 am.... so worth it. :)