Thursday, August 20, 2009

Are we there yet?

Reading, reading, reading,
Thinking, thinking, thinking,
Writing, writing, writing,
But what am I learning?

Davies, B.J. & Davies, B. (2005). The strategic dimensions of leadership. In B. Davies, L. Ellison & C. Bowring-Carr (Eds.), School leadership in the 21st century: Developing a strategic approach (2nd ed.) (pp.7-16). London & New York: Routledge Falmer.

Strategic leaders have the following characteristics:
1. They can link long-range visions to daily work.
2. They can translate strategy into action.
3. They can identify the projects to be undertaken to get where they want to go.
4. They are able to align people and unify organisations.
5. They can influence people and direct their actions through goals.
6. They can determine the critical moments when interventions will be able to develop new visions and/or strategies.
7. They have the insight to know when to do something as well as what to do.
8. They know it is important to help people to develop deeper capabilities and understandings to enable them to meet new challenges long term.
9. They have a sense of dissatisfaction or restlessness with the present, being able to see the 'leap' that they want to take.
10. They have the capacity to absorb, learn and to create an organisation which supports learning.
11. They are able to adapt as required and respond flexibly.
12. They are opportunistic and proactive.
13. They have leadership wisdom - a balance of various intelligences, personal values and the ability to resolve conflicts.

Don't these strategic leaders sound wonderful?!?


Witch Baby said...

Hmmm, not human is what I was thinking. LOL.

Fiona said...

LOL - you're right!