Monday, August 31, 2009

The coolest school librarian ever!

For a while now I've been waxing lyrical about a blog that I follow called Skerricks. Written by Ruth Buchanan, an Australian Teacher Librarian (and my personal hero!), it focusses on the things that happen within the school library that Ruth looks after.
Skerricks is always full of amusing anecdotes, helpful resources for TL's, and great ideas to give your school library the WOW factor.
Today's post 'Trailer Time' tells about how Ruth set up a lunchtime movie-fest in the library, showing trailers for movies that have bookish connections. Of course, she wisely pointed out to the students that the library had books available for borrowing that related to said movies! (She's no slouch on the library promotion front!)
Ruth is so cool!
Why don't you head over to Skerricks and check it out?


Ruth Buchanan said...

Gosh, she says (blushing!) - thanks, Fiona!

Fiona said...

You deserve the praise, Ruth :)