Monday, August 3, 2009

Just a quick post!

I am loving the new Mika single We are Golden that I'm hearing on the radio!

Head over to Bellas Novella to find out how to create your own (pretend!) debut novel cover like the one above. I don't have time to fiddle around with one (though I'd love to) so if you have a go, make sure you link to it in my comments so I can have a look!

The other pic (super librarian comic) I put in by accident, and now I can't delete it without removing the whole post.



Shellie said...

Hey Fiona, I have a link for you that is very similar. I tried to find out if it was the same as yours for Bellas Novella, unfortunately your link is broken. Here is the link for creating your own YA debut novel...
I would love to be able to connect to your link as well.

Fiona said...

Thanks Shellie, for letting me know about my link. It was just a typo and I have it fixed now.

Fiona :)