Monday, August 31, 2009

My morning cuppa.

Just enjoying some Twinings 'Afternoon Tea' (in the morning!) using the gorgeous handmade tea set that my sister gave me for my birthday. Thanks Kathie!


Glenda said...

Ah! Fiona, you've just given me another reason to procrastinate from 504 and 501. A nice cup of Twinings 'Afternoon Tea' - right in the middle of the afternoon. Just home from school, now to get stuck into study before 'Nanna' drops my one and two year olds off in about 2 hours.
Hope you enjoyed your cuppa. Off to put the kettle on.

Witch Baby said...

Beautiful tea set.

And now you made me want tea - hmmmm, I think I still have meditation.

Really hoped you enjoyed your day & your tea.

Fiona said...

Mmmmm tea and coffee...the caffeine keeps me running!