Monday, August 10, 2009

Look honey - I fixed it!

Do you live with a DIY-er? I do.

For a while I had been living with no cupboard or shelf space in my laundry. The cleaning products were stacked on the floor and along the wall's framework - exposed because the gyprocking hadn't been finished. Not ideal, but with no toddlers likely to guzzle down a bottle of laundry bleach, not a big problem.

Then there was some banging and drilling in the laundry and lo and behold (!) I had a lovely wall cupboard with shelves for all my bits and pieces. ('Thanks honey, that's wonderful!') Just one small problem...the cupboard prevents me from opening my washing machine all the way, so it won't stay open while I load or unload the clothes.

Not a problem for super-hubby! Look closely and you will see that he drilled a hole in the cupboard and fashioned a hook out of...I'm not sure what, and ta da (!) problem fixed!!!

What would I do without him?

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