Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Bargain Shopping

Last winter, Chris really wanted a sports jacket. You know what I mean; a suit jacket that isn't quite a suit jacket, it can go casual or dressy. Well, he never got one because (a) he couldn't decide which one he liked (b) they were quite expensive and (c) he never really gets the time to go shopping for himself.

Anyway, with Autumn upon us, I decided to visit my local Rivers Clearance Store, just to see what they had. I didn't see any clothing for myself, but I did find a fabulous black sports jacket for Chris! Check out these casual outfits I have put together.

T-shirt, jeans and sports jacket.

Grandpa collar long-sleeve T, jeans and sports jacket.

Striped shirt, jeans and sports jacket.

Hahaha, I think I might be a frustrated stylist! Sorry about the amateurish photos, it's my first time styling a fashion shoot!

And the best bit! The price $189.95 $29.95!


Witch Baby said...

i love it - practically goes with everything.

Fiona said...

I know... am I a great shopper, or what!?!

Witch Baby said...

You are a WONDERFUL shopper.

Fiona said...

Why, thank you :)