Monday, March 8, 2010

Research and Professional Experience.

The two subjects that I am enrolled in this semester could not be more different. EER500 "Introduction to Educational Research" is all about reading academic literature, posing research questions, and designing research projects. In contrast, ETL507 "Professional Experience and Portfolio" incorporates a study visit, a professional placement, and the making of a professional portfolio.

One subject is all about thinking, the other all about doing!

I've made good progress with both subjects today.

For EER500, I'm looking at the role of the teacher librarian in facilitating the implementation of ICT into teaching and learning. Today I've read and summarised a research article:

Schibeci, R., MacCallum, J., Cumming-Potvin, W., Durrant, C., Kissane, B,, & Miller, E. (2008). Teachers’ journeys towards critical use of ICT. Learning, Media and Technology, 33(4), 313-327.

This artlcle is about a research project involving 200 teachers in 12 Australian primary schools. It followed the teachers' progress from anxiety to confidence as they learn how to make the technology work, how to create classroom lessons with ICT that work, evaluate the effectiveness of learning and teaching with ICT, and investigate broader curriculum reforms.

For ETL507, I've tentatively organised a professional placement (read 'work experience') at a TAFE library near my home. More paperwork and solidifying of dates to come, but it looks good! It will be a great place to experience working in a library, and interacting with students, without having to be in a school, dealing with classroom management and the like. I'm excited!

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