Saturday, March 20, 2010

A Day in the Life of Alana

First we do her hair...
Then we do her makeup...

Check out those false eyelashes!

If you can't guess, Alana had a ballet eisteddfod today. She performed three times. First, her Modern Contemporary solo. Here she is all ready to go.
Doesn't she look adorable!
 And, she got first place, which was a lovely surprise.

Next she and her friend Phoebe danced a duo that they choreographed together for the first time.
We had lots of fun glueing (!) diamontes into their hair so they'd look all sparkley on stage :)

We used the glue that you get with your false eyelashes!

The girls got third place, which was fantastic! Lastly Alana did her Modern Expressive solo.

She didn't place for this one, but we didn't mind. There were lots of beautiful dancers, so as long as she enjoyed herself dancing, we're happy.

Now it's back to reality, and she's doing her homework!

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