Tuesday, March 30, 2010

TTT - Guess Who's Coming to Dinner!

what three celebrities would you invite to dinner?

I am hopeless at these sort of questions! I always second guess myself, and wonder what on earth my choices say about me, and what others will think. I'm hopeless!

Well, here goes...

1. Ellen Degeneres
Why? I feel like I know her already from watching her on TV. She just seems so nice. Funny, honest, kind, intelligent. I think she'd be a fun dinner party guest, and someone that you could get into a great conversation with.

2. Sting
Why? I used to have a crush on Sting, way back in The Police days. The first concert I ever went to was 1986 The Dream of the Blue Turtles tour. Love his music - maybe I would get him to sing for his supper! Plus I'd love to hear about tantric sex in more detail...

3. Julia Gillard
This one may be a who? rather than a why? for my non-Aussie readers.
Julia Gillard, deputy PM, seems a down-to-earth kinda gal. I think she'd be great company over a few drinks and a good meal, and I reckon she'd have plenty to add to the conversation.

So that's my three, a mixed bag if ever I saw one!

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Shannon said...

Ellen! Sting!

Even though I don't know who Julia is (sorry!) I'd want to be a guest at this dinner, too!

Ellen is so funny. She'd be a blast.

And Sting. 1) he's hot, 2) he's talented, 3) he's English (accent! swoon!)... what's not to love?!

Amy said...

Great picks. I would sit at that table.

Amy said...

I almost put Ellen in my post, but the men won out! :)

lynn said...

I picked Ellen too! She seems like a fun person to get to know.

Brandy said...

Well I'm not sure who Julia is but I think Sting would be AWESOME!