Saturday, March 13, 2010

Holiday is Booked!

Here are some photos taken straight from the website of the caravan park that we have booked our holiday for January.

Looks nice, doesn't it! I won't name it, but this park is in the Port Stephens area on the NSW coast. It has plenty of activities on site, and is right in the middle of a thriving tourist spot, with plenty to do within a short drive if we want to get out and about. (Or if it rains.)

I'm so glad that the holiday is booked and I don't have to think about it any more, except in a good way!

Alana is on her first youth group camp this weekend. Forty-four teenagers from 11 (yes, Alana is the youngest!) to 17 years of age are hitting Jambaroo Action Park today, then all bunking down on inflatable mattresses in a scout hall tonight before returning home tomorrow afternoon. Here's some pics of what she might be getting up to...
Aaaaargh, should I be worried about her???

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