Wednesday, March 17, 2010

In My Crockpot

This post is a bit of a spoof on the "In my Mailbox" meme. All around the book-review blogosphere, bloggers happily reveal the piles of books that they have received from publishers and authors for review. Big juicy piles of books that clog up their bedside tables and take up their time. Mountain-like TBR (to be read) piles of books to read and review.

Not me. I haven't yet come to the attention of any publishers, authors, publicists...anyone really. No-one's sending me books. So instead I'm offering you a look inside my weekly adventure into the world of slow-cooker cooking.

Last night's effort: "Mild Chicken Curry"
Please note the authentic, old-school CrockPot!

Mild Chicken Curry ingredients included chicken thigh, carrot, sweet potato, onion, red capsicum and coconut milk. I served it with cous cous (I love cous cous and think it goes with any casserole!)
Yum! Oops, plate looks a bit messy - not up to Master Chef standard!

What do you like to cook?

And would somebody please send me some books!!!


Dillypoo said...

OK, so I've been perusing your blog tonight and I'm finding it pretty darn entertaining! I'm trying to figure out where you are (and if this information is posted someplace obvious, then I've obviously missed it). Are you in Australia? If so, you might enjoy this post of mine from last summer:

And if you're not, then maybe you'll enjoy it anyway!

Fiona said...

Yes, Australia. What we call the NSW Central Coast, 1 hour north of Sydney.

Fiona said...

LOL just read your Vegemite taste test post! Most Aussie kids are brought up on Vegemite sandwiches, and are pretty used to finding huge hairy spiders inside sometimes, not to mention what they might find in their backyards!

Dillypoo said...

Ack! Spiders for breakfast?! I think I need to go lie down now...

Witch Baby said...

OMG - I am in love with this post. I use my crock pot (not old school) all the time. And that will probably step up once I get into summer here.

Got an actual recipe for the curry - it looks yummy.

And I agree with Dillypoo - Spiders for breakfast - yuck!