Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Keeping up in the Blogosphere

One thing that I love about blogging is the wonderful community of bloggers that support one another, exchange ideas, and have a laugh with one another. I try to keep up with my blogging buddies by visiting their blogs, leaving comments, linking to blogs when I want to highlight a particular post, and participating in challenges and memes.

On Tuesdays, I've begun to participate in Shannon's Table Topics Tuesdays. Shannon has three (!) blogs, Welcome to the NutHouse, worth a thousand words and Reviews from the NutHouse. (Actually, while finding the url's for these blogs, I've discovered that she also writes at SUSSING OUT LOST.)

Today's topic:
what is the last thing that you cried about?

Sorry Shannon (and everyone), I'm not participating in this one. I just don't feel like talking about it.

This year, I'm doing DelGal's Buck-a-Book Challenge. It's easy! All you do is set aside a dollar for every book that you read this year. At the end of the year, go and buy yourself something nice! See, I told you it was easy!

To join in, head to DelGal's Book Reviews. If you check out my sidebar, you'll see that I'm keeping a list of all the books that I read this year, and I'm already up to $14. Yay!


Alex the Girl said...

It's been really tough trying to keep up with my blog since I've started working again. And what makes it even more ironic is the fact that my SiTS day came after I had to slack off on my blog. Go figure.

Shannon said...

No worries, Fiona! Maybe next week's topic will be better for you :)

And I'm up to 4 books read this year. Your $14 is putting my pitiful 4 bucks to shame, LOL!