Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The demolition is continuing apace here at home. Tomorrow I'm actually going to take an hour or so off study to go to a kitchen showroom or two to pick out laminate for my benchtops and a finish for my cupboard doors. Yes sadly I have now reached the stage in life when a kitchen renovation is about the most exciting thing I've got going on!
Every time I read through the Assessment 1 forum on the CSU website I freak out a little more. I'm plodding away, but a lot of other people seem to be well ahead of me when it comes to the assignment. What I'm most worried about:
  • Referring to enough professional resources so that what I write has authority, rather than just being all out of my head.
  • Referencing in the correct APA style (time-consuming and tricky).
  • Adhering to the word count while still answering the questions.
  • Demonstrating critical analysis and other higher order thinking skills.

As the days slip by I realise the due date is getting closer and closer...I know I will submit it in time, there is no question of that. I just want to make sure that what I submit is work that I am proud of.

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