Saturday, March 21, 2009

Ok, so I've actually started writing my first assignment - hooray for me! My daughter competed in a ballet eisteddfod today and got third place for her classical solo - hooray for her! School fete was on today, managed to make an appearance during the lunch break of the eisteddfod. Will be back there (at the eisteddfod) tomorrow, then off to the doctor on Monday...things have not been conducive to study lately.
A lot of people seem to be asking a lot of very detailed questions about the assignment on the forum. It makes me feel like I'm not worrying about it enough. But I have to follow my own instincts and answer the questions in the way that I think is best. I can't be swayed by what other people are stressing about. I have a sneaking suspicion that no matter what, I'll have a mad rush at the end. There's nothing like a deadline!
Interestingly enough, while working through the assignment, which deals with the resourcing requirements of a unit of work, my mind is constantly turning to the teaching of the unit. I keep getting great ideas for activities and start feeling enthusiastic about it. But I'm not even a classroom teacher at the moment, and don't have any desire to be one! I guess I'm really putting the T into the TL. I hope that because my mind is firmly on the actual teaching and learning of the unit, I will be able to be very insightful about the resources that will and won't be suitable. Already I've found heaps of great books; more than I can include in my assignment. My biggest worry at the moment is all the books and other resources that I haven't looked at yet.

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