Thursday, March 12, 2009

The Role of the Teacher Librarian

Each time I read something new, I am having to re-evaluate my thinking on this topic. A while ago I blogged about seeing the TL as a superhero, with so many hats to wear. Now my thinking has headed in a different direction, seeing the TL in a role as a "teacher to the teachers". Making sure that the whole school has a clear vision of the goals of the library program, coming alongside the principal as an ally in regards to the school's mission, and providing training for teachers in regard to collaborative planning and information literacy are now on the agenda.
I'm sure that as time goes on, other aspects of this complex job will come to the fore. Over time I will be able to sort through all the different ways of looking at things and develop my own philosophy about the TL's role.
I'm a little worried that the demands of my course and the rest of my life might make it difficult to have enough time to really ponder these issues. I have an assignment due date which is acting as a deadline.

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