Saturday, March 7, 2009

I'm having insights all over the place now!

Reading Kuhlthau et al's Guided Inquiry has really got me thinking. Firstly, I actually enjoy reading this stuff...I find educational theory interesting! I think this sets me apart from a lot of other students, who would rather focus on more practical and "realistic" stuff. I remember now...when I was doing my Dip Ed I felt the same way...that I'd happily stay at uni forever studying this stuff and never have to set foot in a school!

What does this say about me? What does it indicate for future career directions?

Secondly, it gives me insight into how I am approaching my own inquiries i.e. my assignments for uni. Am I simply fact-finding or looking for the right answer? Am I having difficulty finding a focus? Am I finding my own point of view, constructing my own understanding, and preparing to write something new?

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