Sunday, March 15, 2009

Yes, as you can see, my husband thinks that now is a great time to start demolishing the house!
OK, it's not that bad, I do get to pick out a new kitchen benchtop and new kitchen cupboard doors!
As for my course, I am just barely on top of things. Really I'd like to be way ahead! Maybe that is an unrealistic expectation. Maybe I should let go of that expectation before it really hurts me. When working as a librarian, and especially if I work as a teacher librarian, I'll have lots of times when my workload means I'll have to prioritise and not expect to do everything. I'll often have to be happy with what I can do, and not waste time worrying about what I can't do. It won't always be an option to be "ahead". I'd really better get used to it!

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