Saturday, March 28, 2009

Don't drink and blog.

Had a lovely night at my sister's place. First, champagne. (Or I should say Australian sparkling wine.) Next, fondue. Yes, fondue!!! Me, my sis, my hubby and my brother-in-law, along with 5 children 10 and under, all sharing cheese fondue and chicken stock fondue. Quite an experience! We put 'Herbie Fully Loaded' on for the kids, and my sister and I went for a drive for some Shiraz (we felt like Shiraz). Then back again for dessert: chocolate fondue! Strawberries, banana, apple, marshmallows and pound cake dipped in melted dark chocolate and cream...yummmm!!!

Now I'm home and thinking a bit about my uni assignment. I must edit fiercely and cull 500-700 words from it before I can submit it. I also must tidy up the whole referencing thing...surely the bane of any uni student's life. I think, in terms of the spirit of the question, I have answered it admirably. In fact, I think any teacher would be thrilled to have me as the TL advising them on the resourcing of a unit of work. I have entered into it with enthusiasm and genuine interest, I have thought carefully about the actual school context and what is already in the library collection, and I a truly excited about the new resources I have found. I really hope I have written well enough and fulfilled the marking criteria to get a good mark for it.
In all honesty, I can look at it a couple of ways. I can just be happy to pass, tick that off and move on to the next thing. After all, I'm here to pass the course and get my qualification so I can work. Or I can look at it from the point of view of wanting to really excel and get the best possible marks I am capable of and really stand out in the crowd and possibly impress the lecturers so much that I go on to an academic career. Mad, isn't it! But somehow in the back of my mind it's a bit of a dream for me. We'll see...I guess I'm using this first assignment as a bit of a litmus test.

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