Thursday, May 14, 2009

A Great Idea!

Last night, lying in bed, I had a wonderful idea. Why not make my blog useful, rather than just a random set of ramblings about varied topics? And what better way to make it useful, than to collect reading lists of books recommended for adults (for me) and children (for the kids)! I could start collecting lists of recommended reads, with reviews, and invite blog readers to add their own reviews or comments, or suggest other books. Hooray! I'm feeling quite excited!
Will start small and work out the details as I go...
Today I received an old (August 2008 - not that old!) copy of Reading Time, a review journal for children's books. Looked through the "younger readers" reviews, because both my children seem to be in that category. (They are 8 1/2 and 11, and the "older readers" category seems to be more high school/teen oriented.) So here we go:
Oddball by Janeen Brian
Heart of Magic by Penny Matthews
Jinxed by Jill McDougall
Going for Broke by Meg McKinlay
Black Baron by Robyn Opie
Sucked In by John Parker
Queasy Rider by James Roy
The Great Shave by Clare Scott
These are a series published by Walker which are "sure to be winners" and "well worth buying for the library". They are recommended for ages 8 - 14 years. The title that appeals to me is Sucked In! The cover of Queasy Rider is shown, it has a funky yellow/orange background with a cool looking boy on a bike shown in silhouette. Seems appealing to me!
Any readers who have personal experience with these titles, please comment!

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