Friday, May 1, 2009

A pinch and a punch.

May already!!!

I am heading up to the local public school to chat the the TL in a few minutes, to get some data for a rough and ready evaluation of the library collection. Not being actually in the library, I don't have any feel for the size, quality, age or circulation of the collection, and I feel like I really do need to have something concrete before writing a collection management policy.

I have been feeling a bit unmotivated this week (deadlines still too far away!!!) but am still making progress on both the remaining assignments for this semester. Am getting a bit sick of the subject matter now, and have looked ahead to what the names of my next semester subjects are to get an idea of what I'll be studying next. Teacher Librarian as Leader sounds ominous (!) but Information Environment has possibilities!


Anonymous said...

". . . for the First of the Month"

Hello Fiona,

I find, all too frequently, that the content of the course has nothing whatsoever to do with 'my' reality . . . I imagine that this is a natural consequence of turning learning into a matter for study. I hated the Dip. Ed. as well; I learned through teaching practice and have always found the classroom more rewarding than the lecture theatre.

Collections! Here, we are merely trying to put books on shelves and encourage students into the library (learning environment?): we have Chess and Backgammon and Where's Wally and Scrabble and a few books.

The e-world is in another place (cribbed, cabined and confined) and I would prefer that it was in the library (I have been talking it up - tired); we are inevitably and irreperably fractured here in our endeavours.

I am 'completely' unmotivated and am making no progress at all with this course. I looked at the other subjects a while ago - can't bear to investigate them again just now because I have decided that if I fail in the first assignment (probable) I will withdraw from the course because it's just too hard when I'm teaching full time and have to deal with real life as well. I cannot do better. I'm only human.

Oh well!



Fiona said...

Hi Anne, I will come by your blog and leave you a comment to cheer you up.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for being a generous human being :)