Monday, May 4, 2009

I feel utterly exhausted. I've had a big day, and just thinking about what else I have to do before I go to bed makes me tired!
The kids had a pupil free day today (which is always fun for Mums who like to make use of their child-free days to do housework, run errands, plan lessons and study!). I had (foolishly) made a hairdressing appointment before I realised that the kids would be at home. So the kids got left at home alone (together) for a couple of hours for the first time ever.
Then, of course, Monday is the day that I change the sheets and towels, give the bathroom and floors a once over, and generally give the house the once over. And I had a mountain of washing up to do because we had been out all day yesterday and had somehow neglected to wash up! (No, I don't have a dishwasher...yet.)
But the real kicker was when, after going outside to ride their bikes in the cul-de-sac, my children arrived back at the front door limping and wailing after colliding and both coming off their bikes. Fun, fun, fun! My son is fine, but my daughter has managed to achieve massive grazes to her thigh, knee and shin. No dancing for her tonight! (And a trip to the chemist for me, as we didn't have any dressings big enough.)
So here I am, blogging my little heart out before I jump back into it - a maths student here at 5.30pm, then cooking dinner and getting the kids off to bed (is there anything good on TV tonight?).
Tomorrow the kids have their cross country carnival (can't see Alana being able to run) and Alana is supposed to be auditioning with the school dance group for the combined schools dance concert (???). I will be at the carnival cheering the kids on like many other mums, dads and other assorted relatives. I suspect that Alana will come good in time to audition (I know her well).
All in all, nothing in the way of study is happening today or tomorrow. It's amazing how easily the days and weeks melt away and suddenly a deadline is staring you in the face.
Next time I'll blog about dishwashers, Twilight and maybe even some insights with regard to collection management or information process models (if you're lucky!).

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