Friday, May 29, 2009


Every year my children's school has an "athon" to raise money. The children collect sponsership money, and on the "athon" day they dress up and do activities that earn them points. Their sponsers then pay up according to how many points they have gained.
This year the "athon" is the storybookathon. My son, God bless him, decided to go as Richo from Paul Jennings Lennie Lighthouse, thus requiring absolutely no dress ups at all! My daughter, however, being a Year 6 girl, is part of a group that decided to recreate L. Frank Baum's The Wonderful Wizard of Oz. As you can see above, this required quite a lot of dress ups!
Not being able to find a witch's costume anywhere (wrong time of year), I purchased 3 metres of cheap black cotton and 1 metre of purple and silver spiderweb netting from Spotlight, and went to work. (Luckily we had the hat from a previous Halloween.) I am proud to say that without a pattern, a sewing machine, or any sewing experience, I was able to create the masterpiece you see above! Is there no end to my talents?!?
At 11am I'll be up at the school participating in the festivities. Each class has set up a display about a story book they have read. There is a question to answer at each classroom, such as "Name Black Beauty's two best horse friends" at 3L and "How many times should the key be turned?" at 6W. Children and their parents visit each room to look at the displays and answer the questions, with students getting a point for each correct answer.
Now I must get on with some editing for the last uni assignment so I can get a bit closer to the word limit!

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