Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Why I want to be a Librarian.

I thought long and hard before embarking on a career change that included two years of masters level study. Before starting this course, I really believed that I would enjoy, and be good at, being a librarian. Notice that I say librarian, not teacher librarian. It was never my intention to focus on working in a school library. My interest lay more in the direction of public libraries, or even specialist libraries in museum settings or similar. I chose this course because it was the best course to give me options for future work situations.
Why did I think I'd enjoy working in a library?
I don't mind working alone, pottering about doing my thing. I imagined that, while dealing with clients and colleagues, a librarian would have a lot of solo tasks to get on with. I don't mind organisational, routine tasks. I have been in lots of libraries, and seen librarians and library techs in action. None of the tasks seemed boring to me, I thought it might be quite relaxing to process loans and shelve books etc. I really enjoy being in libraries, and thought that an important factor in job satisfaction is to enjoy your work environment.
People like me. I seem to be approachable, have a nice smile, be easy to talk to, helpful and optimistic. I think library clients would like to be served by me! I think my colleagues would find me easy to work with, efficient, and not a complainer. I'm good with kids. I love to sing, read aloud, do actions and funny voices. I think I'd be great at story time!
I'm genuinely interested in learning new things. I like to read widely, and I like to extend into new areas of knowledge. I'm one of those people who is forever saying, "I read something interesting the other day...". People are often amazed at the varied trivia that I know! I just like finding out about stuff. I think a library is a good place for me, I have the opportunity to keep learning and share my knowledge with others.
So...I know this post sounds a bit arrogant, like I think quite a lot of myself! But I don't mean it that way. I'm just trying to express how I feel about making librarianship my career, and use this journal to work through what I'm thinking and feeling.


Anonymous said...

Hi Fiona,

Shall we set up a library together? I think we'd be very compatible. But guess what, after doing this course, I don't know how much quiet pottering time there'd be...

Good luck with the kitchen renos. And I never minded washing up either till I had my two kids and seemed to have an endless pile of little bowls and plastic plates and storage containers... aaghhh. I still don't have a dishwasher but next time we move that is top of the list!


Fiona said...

Thanks for the comment Penny. It's nice to know that someone is reading!