Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Ah-ha aaaaarrgh!

Had an "a-ha" moment yesterday, and not in a good way.
Was reading through the ETL503 Assessment 1 forum, and read someone's post. They were indicating that they had finally realised that the assignment wasn't really about the unit of work they had chosen, the teaching and learning activities within it, and the resources (good or bad) that were used and/or recommended. It was really about showing the processes of evaluating needs, and selection and acquisition of resources. The unit of work merely provided the necessary context for what was really being assessed.
Oh no! I now realise that my focus was too much on the actual unit of work. I got a bit carried away imagining myself in the school, doing my TL thing, interacting with the kids, collaborating with the teacher... I put too little focus on demonstrating my understanding of the processes involved in evaluating, selecting and acquiring. Oh live and learn.
I'm really hoping that I will still do well on the assignment. I still believe that I have answered the questions and fulfilled the criteria to the best of my ability. But if I could do it all again, I'd approach it with a different mindset, and it might turn out quite differently.
I really have to remember that studying at uni is supposed to be a learning experience. If you knew everything before you started, and never made any mistakes, then what would be the point?

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