Monday, April 20, 2009

Have just checked EASTS and my first ETL503 assignment has been posted back today! I feel excited and ever so slightly sick!

Went to the shops today to run some errands and found myself in Borders (!). Bought birthday presents for 3 of my nieces and a book each for my children as a guilt offering for sending them away to their grandparents for a few days so I could do uni work. Of course I would have rather bought some books for myself too...

Am starting to get my head around my next assignment (no rest for the wicked) and am feeling the usual sense of enthusiasm. No I'm not joking, I actually do enjoy writing assignments! Yes, I might complain about deadlines or word limits or referencing conventions, but the actual reading and writing involved I find interesting and stimulating. For ETL503 I really do think the assignments are easier if you're working in a library, or at least a school. Having to continually contact the local school librarian with questions, and wanting to look at their policies etc so I can evaluate and rewrite them is a bit awkward! And no matter how lovely the librarian is, you never feel quite at home and able to browse at leisure.

Oh, well, better get back to the real work...


Anonymous said...

Hello, Fiona

I like your Blog very much - it's personal and academically intelligent and beautifully created.

Thank you so much for giving me the link.

If I survive Assignment 1 (unlikely) I hope to know you better.

Best regards to you and yours.


Fiona said...

Thanks Anne, your comment gave me a lift.