Wednesday, April 22, 2009

How good is good?

Today I got my first assignment back in the mail. I got 29/40, good, but not great. I'm happy with it, because it's a sound pass, which is a good effort for my first Masters level piece of writing, and my first piece of academic writing since 1993. But I am a little disappointed. I guess I thought I might be really fantastic at this and be at the "top of the class"! (We can all dream!)

I'd like some feedback on how the group as a whole did. I appreciated the feedback that was given to me, and I take on board the comments of my marker. She reminded me to be analytic rather than just descriptive when commenting on my chosen resources. Very helpful. But I can't help it, years as a maths teacher means I'm dying to know what the range of marks given was, the mean and the standard deviation. (I know, very sad isn't it!) It would just help me to know how I'm doing. I hate to admit it, but I can handle getting 29/40 better if I know that I was actually above average and that very few students did better than me! On the other hand, if 29/40 was only average, and half the cohort did better than me, I'd be very disappointed. This said by someone who doesn't see herself as at all competitive!!!

I hope anyone from uni that reads this doesn't think I'm horrible. I am, honestly, quite ok with my mark. But I really want to do better next time...

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