Saturday, April 11, 2009

Moving to a desert island.

Today I feel like running away from home. Woke up full of enthusiasm for the task of my uni assignment. Had decided to try using note cards to summarise inportant points from all the many and varied readings that I'm using as resources. So I felt happy that I was going to try a new method of organising my thoughts. I felt like it would really have a positive impact on the quality of my work.
Unfortunately, my home feels like a war zone today. Chris has decided that today is the day for the kids to tidy up their rooms. I'm all for that...but tidying their rooms is a really big job (currently looking like bomb sites or post earthquake ruins). They need support and encouragement. They need an adult to come alongside them, model tidying methods, check how they're doing and offer suggestions.
Problem: Chris isn't into alongside encouragement. He wants to get on with his building work and he wants them to get on with their job. Warm and fuzzy helping is my department. But I really want to work on my assignment! Now I am being interrupted every 5 seconds with questions like "where does this go?", I'm refereeing when Chris hears the whinging and blows up, and I'm jollying along as often as possible.
Sometimes I feel like I would really like to live alone, and only have to worry about myself.

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